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Appoint Group Does Sport Relief

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Appoint Group Does Sport Relief

Appoint Group loves our fair share of treats and cakes so we decided the best way to raise money would be to have a bake sale in our building, followed by a mile long charity fun run.

After much deliberation we each chose our individual sporting fancy dress outfits, including sports people/personalities, ‘1-1-8’ Men (women), Baseball Players, a scuba diver, a surfer, Jessica Ennis, a football player and even a Jockey (complete with real horse borrowed from a nearby field).

We were all extremely excited (and hungry) for Friday morning whilst setting up the cake tables in the lobby of our building. The amount of effort put in by each member of the team was great, mostly everyone made their own cakes, with the exception of a couple of cheats with perfectly shaped sponges! As we are new to the building, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we couldn’t have asked for a better reaction or support from the other offices. We met a lot of new people and by lunchtime the majority of the cakes had gone! Proving it is not only our office that has a sweet tooth in the building.

After all the brownies, cupcakes and Lemon Drizzles, we were well and truly in a food coma! But by lunch time, still in our silly costumes, and with the help of some energy, we were ready for our 1mile Fun Run, to burn off any unwanted calories of the day (of which there were a lot!). After the amount of sugar intake, it was no surprise that the inner child in all of us came out along the way as we managed to find time to stop off at the local park, having a giggle on the climbing frames and swinging each other around. We are known to be professional in the office, but outside, we are all big kids really!

Back to the office, and the donations didn’t stop there, our boss kindly offered to donate money for every minute made on the phone that day, and of course we jumped at the chance to dent the boss’ wallet, all in the name of charity of course!

With a combination of hard work blasting the phones, sillyness, stuffing our faces and making ourselves and the everyone ese in the building a few pounds heavier, we managed to raise an amazing £364.25!!

Thanks to Gleeds, Clarke Willmott and State Securities for all their support, as well as numerous individuals whom were keen to get involved. We look forward to making it even bigger next year.

By Amy Reed – Consultant (Nursing Homes) 

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