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We are all ‘avoiders’. How much is this holding us back, both in work and in life? How productive would we be if we weren't all ‘avoiders’?

Tell me if I'm wrong, but we humans are all avoiders by nature. We naturally avoid things we fear, dislike, find hard or don't enjoy. Instead we invariably make a beeline for things that are easy, fun or that flatter us somehow.

My question is this: how much more productive would we be if we reversed this trait? How much more successful would we be professionally? What about personal goals and achievements and our relationships outside of work?

As an MD of a recruitment company I find myself regularly working with people to help them alter their priorities. There are many occasions where you can see that this ‘avoidance’ tendency is holding them back. Sometimes people embrace the idea of ‘being brave' and tackling the things they would have preferred to avoid. Others, less so.

I believe that this could be the most significant trait that separates those that under-achieve and those that over-achieve.

How could reversing this trait help nurses and engineers in their careers? What about our clients within admin, sales and office support? We know first-hand what a difference it can make within recruitment and I am happy to confirm that it can be night and day.

To anyone who is looking for answers or a way to fast-track their career, I urge you to try and stop ‘avoiding’. Start prioritising those more challenging and less appealing tasks. Embrace the tough stuff. The easy stuff you can do with your eyes shut. Do it later on when you've run out of energy. Energy that you need to be able to deal with the list of things you've convinced yourself you will do, but that somehow just never gets done. I promise you will be more productive, receive more praise, recognition, more results and ultimately find new levels of success.

Good luck.

Founder & Managing Director

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