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Appoint Group Referral Reward Scheme

Our referral reward scheme gives you the chance to make £100 or more by assisting us in finding suitable candidates. We are continuously searching for candidates to help our clients fill their vacancies. When searching through our vacancies, please keep this reward scheme in mind. If you know anyone that might be suitable then we would love to hear from you.

How does it work? 

Simply put, if we successfully place someone that you referred to us, we will show our appreciation by sending you a cheque for £100 on the day they start. 

You can pass us their contact details, or alternatively you could give them our contact details. However, if you choose to do the latter, remember to phone or email Appoint Group first to let us know who we should expect to hear from. This way we can make the connection that it is your referral, ensuring that you receive your £100. 

Are there any catches? 

There are no catches. The only circumstance under which we would not be able to honour our referral scheme is if we were already in talks with the person you put us in touch with. 

Please do let us know if you know anyone who might be interested in hearing about suitable opportunities. Hopefully there will be some benefit in it for everyone involved! 

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